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               We wish to introduce ourselves as a progressive growing IT company in India.

Established in 2004, our company has its corporate office and headquarters at Salem .

In this short time, we have established ourselves as a company that provides innovative solutions and have completed a few prestigious projects.

Our motto “Focus Beyond” reflects our vision to implement world class Information Technology solutions for our clients.

To put it simply, at Concave Soft Solutions, “the customer is truly king!”

With well established Training, Software Development and Internet Development divisions, we are confident that we can provide an Integrated Business Solution that is specially tailored to your requirements.

We have a dedicated team of experienced software professionals working as a team. We have successfully created, implemented, maintaining and providing total solutions to corporate clients and government.  Our team is capable of working with various types of software that may be required from the client like Microsoft etc,. We have been successful in implementing projects for the government sector and are maintaining them also.

We have included a brief description of the projects we have executed, which reflects our wide experience.

            With a view of our competence and experience we request you to consider our company as a Software development partner for your department / organisation.


                       Concave Soft Solutions,Salem